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Compared to many, my health problems are minor; osteo-arthritis which has led to hip problems and which has aggravated spinal stenosis. Both required surgery four years ago. Continuing symptoms are virtually all in my feet and legs: changes in sensation, involuntary muscle spasms, and, increasingly if not frequently, sudden loss of muscle power in my […]

Pirates roamed the Aegean when Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) ruled over Greece. In 331 B.C. he ordered them to be cleared from the seas. The great warrior king reputedly asked a captured pirate what reason he had for making the seas unsafe. The pirate replied: “The same reason you have for troubling the whole […]

This last weekend looting and burning developed amongst groups of predominantly young people in London and then spread throughout other UK cities, before massive police presence on the streets led to an uneasy peace. The ability of the looters to stay ahead of the police during the disturbances has been attributed to their use of […]

Forest occupies about 30% of the land surface of the earth.  It is assumed that even in historic times it declined from about 50%. I met someone who heard a presentation from a speaker at a recent environmental conference in Abu Dhabi who claimed that our use of fossil fuels had been fine; that had we […]


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S. came to London from New Jersey at the end of the swinging sixties believing that the Beatles would provide the music for dancing in the streets and that she would meet one of them.  Instead she met me, lived with me, and travelled with me.  She was short, with a glowing lure of of […]

In London this has been an extraordinary week in which the successive waves of retreating defence of wrongdoing in the News of the World have collapsed, the paper has closed, and the cautious taunting of the bogeyman Rupert Murdoch has changed to open season. It is if the politicians have liberated themselves from their craven […]