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This year is the 60th anniversary of the English queen coming to the throne.  Michael Gove, who rather disturbingly has some responsibility for the minds of our children as our Secretary of State for education, has suggested that people across the country should club together to buy the queen a new royal yacht.  A royal […]


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Cambridge University is doing some research on coincidences.  Here are my two: Music coincidence Some eight years ago, after a period of some difficulty in finding a job which suited her, my step-daughter got a job with a company called Saffron.  Cue great pleasure in the family, which was visiting Hungary at the time for […]

We are spending the New Year in Hungary (until yesterday the Hungarian Republic) which more and more becomes dangerous to its people and its neighbours.  A few days ago it failed to sell its short term bonds and paid nearly ten percent interest to market its ten year bonds (some way beyond the rates regarded […]