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A Greek friend has written in support of yesterday’s second Greek bailout, believing that it will  keep Greece in the single currency and giving it the chance to institute deep structural and attitudinal changes. I do of course agree with the need for a culture shift in Greece away from clientalism and towards more pragmatic, […]

This year is the 60th anniversary of the English queen coming to the throne.  Michael Gove, who rather disturbingly has some responsibility for the minds of our children as our Secretary of State for education, has suggested that people across the country should club together to buy the queen a new royal yacht.  A royal […]

This last weekend looting and burning developed amongst groups of predominantly young people in London and then spread throughout other UK cities, before massive police presence on the streets led to an uneasy peace. The ability of the looters to stay ahead of the police during the disturbances has been attributed to their use of […]